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Plan your day with the BoilerBrowser

Mark Froling of Froling Energy in Peterborough, NH likes to brag that a single glance at the Summary page of the BoilerBrowser first thing in the morning is enough to tell him how his entire day will unfold.

The first thing we like to do when logging on to the BoilerBrowser is to scan the list of installations on the Summary page for faults.  If you see one, click on the fault notice for more information .  The next thing we do is look at is the third column, “Param[eter] Change in last 24 hrs?”  That tells you if anyone on your crew or any of your boiler owners have changed boiler parameters recently.  If they have, you’ll get a “Yes” in that column.  Click on the “Yes” to see a table of all of the parameter changes in the last 24 hours, with new and old values and the time of the change.  (You can try this for yourself in the demo if you see a “Yes” in this column on the Summary page.)  Have a question for the person who made the change?  Send that person an email with GraphShare™ to discuss it.

Enable remote, real-time

If you’re having problems with commissioning or boiler operation, use the graphing function in your BoilerBrowser account to illustrate the problem visually, then use the BoilerBrowser™’s GraphShare™ to send that graph and your questions to your distributor or manufacturer.  They can look at your graph and log onto the BoilerBrowser on their own time and start to solve the problem.  By the time you speak on the phone, your distributor or manufacturer should already have some fixes in mind for you to try.  Or you may not even need to speak by phone–a simple note from them will take care of it.  All this will help you resolve the problem quickly (without having to think about other time zones!) and move on to your next project.  Then you’ll have to revise down your estimated time spent in commissioning on your next quote . . .

Have your clients make setting changes with your guidance

Sometimes it’s easier to have a client make changes in boiler settings as you guide them through the changes over the phone.  The problem is that they’re not as familiar as you are with the boiler’s input system, and you worry that they could make a mistake.  With the BoilerBrowser’s real time monitoring, every setting that anyone makes is apparent to you on your BoilerBrowser screen.  So you’ll always be able to verify that your client has made the right changes.  All this, without having to go on site . . .

Create a record of all boiler settings that have ever been changed

From time to time, your clients or their other service providers might make changes to the boiler’s settings without your knowledge.  The BoilerBrowser keeps a record of all changes that have been made to the boiler.  So if someone other than you or your crew changes a setting, you’ll always have a way of finding out what the change was and when it was made.

Offer service contracts that are better for you, and better for your clients

Count the number of times you’ve visited your client’s boilers when you didn’t have to, and multiply that by your per-trip costs to figure out your total unnecessary costs.  Take most of that number off your service contract price, and count how many more of your clients can now afford to sign up for your service contract.  Then think about how good you’ll look in your clients’ eyes when you use data from the BoilerBrowser to proactively suggest ways to keep their boilers running even more efficiently . . .

If you will own the BoilerScope and BoilerBrowser subscription to monitor your client’s boiler(s), please download the following documents to get your project going:

(If you are reselling the BoilerScope and the BoilerBrowser subscription to your boiler owner client, please use the forms on the Boiler Owner page)

Or, download the entire bundle of files at once:  Dealer Documents