Distributors and Manufacturers

Easily troubleshoot commissioning or operational issues with your dealers

You get called in when your installers are having trouble commissioning or operating a boiler.  Relaying information over the phone is time-consuming for everyone, and is a roundabout way to understanding the underlying problems.  With the BoilerBrowser, you can look into the boiler’s operations ahead of time and begin the troubleshooting call with a clear understanding of the problem and hopefully some fixes in mind.  That will make the process go much quicker for all sides.  Perhaps a quick note from you will solve the problem, and there won’t even be a call.  And what if you could preemptively flag some of these issues for your installers to help them be more efficient and help their clients get better results using your products?

Understand just how well your products are performing

If you’re a distributor, you know how your boilers are supposed to work and you know which problems you can help installers solve.  If you’re a manufacturer, you have decades of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing boilers.  But other than the times where boiler owners need your help, how much do you know about how your boilers are operating in the field?  Have your installers commissioned them correctly?  How does relative efficiency decline between cleanings?  How does actual use relate to frequency of cleaning and maintenance events?  In designing the next generation of boilers, what do you need to keep in mind?  Data from the BoilerBrowser across your fleet of installed boilers helps you answer these questions in a systematic, data-driven manner.