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You’ve bought yourself a world-class boiler.  Now, ensure that it performs to its highest potential.

DCM Logic’s interactive BoilerScope and BoilerBrowser help you monitor everything about your biomass boiler’s performance.

The BoilerScope is a device that gathers information from your boiler—every single setting and all performance data over time.  The BoilerBrowser is an online tool that allows you, your installer, and your distributor, to easily view and analyze this information in real time without even traveling to your boiler room.

The most important devices in your life have monitors, so you know how they’re performing.  Your car has a speedometer and many other gauges, and your cell phone has battery remaining and signal strength displays.  You may use a heart rate monitor to fine-tune your workouts.  Your boiler has monitors as well, but you have to punch a lot of buttons to get basic performance information.  And unlike your car or cell phone (or heart), you don’t travel around with your boiler.  So how is your boiler performing?  We suspect that neither you nor the person who installed it really knows.

When a boiler is installed, the installer changes some of the boiler’s default settings to fit your site.  Usually even the best installers need a few rounds of trial and error adjustments to successfully commission or troubleshoot a boiler.  A single suboptimal setting of one of the many possible settings can result in suboptimal performance.  And even after a boiler is installed, you need to do more than make sure that it is putting out heat.

How do the BoilerScope and BoilerBrowser help me?

  • They makes troubleshooting quicker and more painless.  The BoilerBrowser helps your installer, whether on site or off site, readily view all of the settings and parameters that your boiler is using.  If something’s wrong, the BoilerBrowser’s graphical interface will allow your installer to see the problem and take action.  All of this translates into fewer trips to your boiler, less hassle and expense for you and a much quicker path to optimal performance for your boiler.
  • Just like your car or cell phone, the BoilerScope will reach out and tell you when something goes wrong.  A text or email alert can be sent to everyone who cares for your boiler to let them know that a problem exists and even what that problem might be.  Armed with this information, a solution to the problem can be swiftly found.  The cause for a problem can be something as simple as running out of fuel, an inappropriate setting, or the malfunction of one of the boiler’s components.  But it’s sure nice to know.
  • In theory, you could learn to live without a speedometer in your car and a battery monitor on your cell phone.  But we don’t recommend it.  As for not monitoring something as critical as a boiler, we think that’s even less of a good idea . . .

Please download the following documents to get your project going:

(Dealers who are reselling the BoilerScope and BoilerBrowser to their clients should also have their clients fill out these forms)

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