What the BoilerBrowser does

The BoilerBrowser is the online interface for both the BoilerScope and the BoilerMaestro

Checking on a boiler’s operation is time-consuming, and the information is hard to process.  Even if you happen to work right next to your boiler, do you know how to easily access the hundreds of parameters and settings related to your boiler’s operation?  And if you’re already in the habit of looking up this information several times a week or month, are you able to view it in easy-to-read charts and tables?  The BoilerBrowser allows you to do all of these things, as well as analyze key aspects of your boiler plant performance and identify faults in boiler operation.  It can also just send you text messages or emails automatically to tell you about any faults that may have occurred.

Eliminating unnecessary site visits

If you’re an owner of multiple boiler installations, it takes time to visit all of them.  Even then, you’re not able to see data from all of your boilers on a single page or window.  If you’re an installer or distributor trying to troubleshoot problems with boiler operation, you need to first set up a time with the owner to visit the site and then might drive there only to find that the visit was unnecessary or that you don’t have the equipment, people, or information to fix the problem.  You then have to schedule yet another site visit to do so.   The BoilerBrowser can help you decide when and whether you need to make a site visit.  Before you do visit, you’ll have a better idea of the problem and can hopefully arrive with a solution in hand.