The BoilerScope

Can I use the BoilerScope to monitor my boiler if it’s not a Fröling boiler?

Yes.  The BoilerScope works with MESys/ÖkoFEN and Viessmann boilers as well.

Can one BoilerScope monitor more than one type of Fröling boiler at the same time?

No.  Any BoilerScope can only monitor up to four Fröling boilers of the same type–P4, TX, or FHG.  It’s not necessary that each monitored boiler be the same model–one BoilerScope can monitor a P4 Model 25 and a P4 Model 60 cascaded together, for example.  Please consider buying a BoilerScope and BoilerBrowser subscription for each type of boiler in your boiler plant.  You will be able to view all of your boilers from a single BoilerBrowser account.

I’d like to connect my BoilerScope to a different type of Fröling boiler from the one I’m monitoring now, or move my BoilerScope to a different IP address.  Is either change possible?

Yes.  Please contact us for specific instructions.

I just installed my BoilerScope, but it’s not working.  How can I troubleshoot it?

If you connected your BoilerScope’s power supply before powering on all of the boilers, you’ll need to reset the BoilerScope by pressing the reset button on the right side of the unit.  Before doing this, please check:

  • Are you receiving internet on the cable you plugged into the BoilerScope?  (Test it with a laptop.)
  • All your wiring connections (tug gently on your wires to ensure they are fully attached and verify you’ve not mixed up any wire colors)
  • Were the MODBUS settings on the boiler made correctly?
Still having trouble?

Please email us or call us at 603-283-9184.

The BoilerBrowser

How can I download data from the BoilerBrowser?

You can download data in a .csv file format from any of the items in the “Graphs” menu using the button at the top of the BoilerBrowser screen.

 How can I renew my BoilerBrowser subscription?

Send a check made out to “DCM Logic LLC” to 64 Peg Shop Road, Keene, NH 03431.  Please include information about your installation with the check.

What should I do if the red fault or error message appears?

If you had your boiler installed professionally, contact your installer.  Chances are they’ve already seen your boiler’s fault in their BoilerBrowser account and have a solution in hand.  If you can’t locate your installer and you live in North America, please contact your distributor or manufacturer for assistance.


Other questions

Should I get a service contract for my boiler?

Biomass boilers need to be serviced regularly for maximum performance.  Expect an output jump of 10-15% after every cleaning.  With a BoilerScope, your service provider can easily figure out the optimal time to schedule a cleaning to keep your boiler running at a high level.

How can I get a service contract for my boiler?

Ask your installer.  Many installers offer service contracts.

Do you make custom boiler monitors?

Yes, depending on what you would like customized.  Please contact us and let us know your requirements.